Smoke Rings and Brush Strokes

Cartoony horse study with a splash of digital color.

Well, I'd say today was a rather productive day. I mean, my own time management certainly could use some work, but I'm sure that'll work itself out with time. It is only day one, after all. Let's not get our expectations too high, now. Gotta take those baby steps - take it one day at a time.

I am quite pleased with getting a couple of sketches drawn out and scanned. Heck, the fact that I downloaded my Bamboo tablet's drivers on my own is worth celebrating. I even downloaded Krita, because, why the hell not? Viewed some tutorials, scribbled and dabbled a bit. Admittedly, I am not pleased with my lack of skill when it comes to digital media. I can do some amazing work IRL, however, put me in the digital world and I feel like I'm in first grade! Strokes are wobbly. lines aren't straight. What the feck is a circle again ?I'm absolutely clueless. Eeeh, I know that I need more practice and I'll certainly be getting that practice, but it's still a bit of an ego slap.

Got a vape, because I can. Why not? Smok stick V8. Nice little beast. Certainly a nice beginner mod. It's exactly what I was looking for and I am quite pleased with my purchase. It's April and I have yet to have a cigarette! Horrah! I wish i could say the desire has been kept at bay, but there are times when that familiar feeling comes creeping back. With my vape - those sweet little devils can stay the hell away. The real reason for my purchase is smoke tricks. I find them easier on the throat to perform with vapor as opposed to dry smoke. Besides, most of the smoke I'm in haling I want to inhale. Don't wanna waste no green on trick practice. XD

Already getting the jist of smoke rings. Much like my digital art, I'ma need more practice.

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