Today is a Lesson of Patience

I had a decent flow going. Just about two days worth of thought and effort and my latest blog entry would have been a good one. Quite easily the best entry in comparison with the few others. Ah, but I made a stupid mistake and




Never to return. I couldn't duplicate it even if I wanted to!! I am grief stricken and half tempted to just throw in the towel and call it quits. However, that is not a path I want to pursue any longer and, ironically, part of the previous work I had lost: New goals, self-betterment, and the struggle to accomplish them.

That being said, I think it only fair to at least get something down.

Hell, it could even just be this! Post this, then go draw. As much I want to complete or even partly construct the outline of an entry today, I have to remember that it isn't worth the stress. Yes, I could push through it, but would that be actually pushing through and completely absolving the tension associated with my loss? Or would what I create be forced, unnatural? Stepping away to do something else productive is not throwing in the towel.

Breathe. Stretch - sit upright and take a deep breath then hold it. Hold it until you feel you can't any longer and take another inward breath. Don't exhale! Not yet! Count to five then slowly release that breath. Follow with smooth, deep breathes after. Regain your calm.

Now go brush your teeth.

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