Getting Ready for Commission Work!

For the first time in my artistic life, I am preparing myself to open up some commission work! As much as I am excited, I am a bit nervous as well. I suppose that'd be all my insecurities teaming up together in order to dishearten me, but I'm going to have to disappoint them greatly. XD And I'm going to like it, as well!

full-bodied equine commission references

I figured I'd start out pretty basic, but offer some options. I'm thinking of offering head/busts and full-bodied, each with varying options of a rough sketch, finalized sketch, inked, and possible color options as well. I am feeling fairly confident about it and do look forward to the opening day! I am excited to reignite my art-spark. Gad, it's been well over a decade. That's been the most trying part of all of this - updated examples. The most updated piece here, aside from my recently submitted "Rabbit," was little Oleanna in the Geraniums. Feck! That little wiggly pug is now 5 years old!! My howe time flies. Furthermore, each time I get juiced up with momentous inspiration, I get sick. Gad, I'm so fed up with germs!! Might as well wrap me in a huge bubble. But then, how do I scan my work? 

That reminds me, I have been playing with some digital media. It's...very aggravating, yet humbling at the same time. My commission work will be traditional media: graphite, ink, colored pencil, markers. Some paint, if I'm feeling up to it. That's the media I am most comfortable with. Not to say I'm not going to branch out, it is just...seriously, no one would want any of my digital work right now, It's like being five again. Hell, even at five, I had smoother lines than what I'm producing now. It's a real struggle. It'll be nice to continue to grow and learn, but I think I'll allow my comforts and artistic strengths to get me back into the full swing of artist work. 

I will even be streaming my artwork if anyone will be interested. Not entirely sure which streaming sites as of this current moment, but I will keep ya'll updated. I'd best keep you updated, my livelihood will depend on you! :D

Anyway, in the meantime, I'm scanning some scraps while I get to feeling better and figuring out everything to open for business!  

Don't forget to check out my social media accounts!!! I'm all up for making new friends! Instagram: @puggiedoodles Twitter: @PuggieDoodles

I'm on furaffinity, too! (though I don't have any work up yet!!) ~WhiteRat023

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